About The Heath Media

Who needs words when we can have pictures and video? Yes, of course we blog as well. But we live in a true ‘visual’ world nowadays. Sharing photos via Instagram (and Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) is as normal as drinking a class of water. 80% of the population does own a smartphone and shoots multiple photos a day. Hence real abundance of ‘visuals’. Luckily there is still a difference between an quick snapshot or a photo taken with a (semi)professional camera by an enthusiastic amateur.

We –Miranda and I- use Sony material (e.g. A77ii) with several A-mount lenses. Miranda loves the small flowers and the animals like birds, I love the Dutch scenery (polders) and well design infrastructure and buildings. The Heath (a creative translation of the Dutch family name “de Heij” into English) is used to share some of our shots. Enjoy. Regards, Wouter de Heij.

PS would you like to use a photo? Yes, we sell our products too. Please sent us a mail or use our contact page.